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The Campanile was a fleet tender active in the late Great Crusade.[1]


When the Ultramarines and Word Bearers Legions mustered above Calth at the tail end of the Great Crusade (supposedly in preparation for an invasion of orkish space), the Campanile was present in the Veridia System, performing its duties as the Imperial fleet gathered above Calth. However, by this point the Word Bearers had fallen to Chaos and were planning to deal a grievous blow to the Ultramarines before they could interfere with the treacherous Warmaster Horus' plans. To this end, cultist soldiers loyal to the Word Bearers boarded the Campanile, slaughtered a large number of personnel onboard (3709 men, including the ship master, the Navigator and a detachment of the Neride Regulators 10th stationed on the vessel) and seized the ship.[1]

Although Calth System Control noted both irregularities in the Campanile's course and the fact that the port had lost vox contact with the vessel, the sheer amount of naval activity in and around Calth's orbit meant that the Campanile was merely marked "cause for concern". Before the deadline for further investigation came about, the ship had resumed contact and previous heading and so the report was dismissed. By the time any Imperial Loyalists realised anything was amiss, it was too late to avert disaster.[1]