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Corpulax is a Chaos Lord of Nurgle serving the Black Legion.[1]


Corpulax is a Plague Marine and Chaos Warlord. He was originally a member of the Consecrators Chapter, but was infected with the Zombie Plague when battling against the forces of Typhus. Left for dead on a devastated planet, Corpulax awoke as a reanimated corpse. However, unlike so many of the plague’s victims, Corpulax retained his intelligence and cognitive powers. Over the last three hundred years, he has orchestrated an inexorable rise to power, finally becoming one of Abaddon’s most trusted warlords. He has fought in dozens of battles, either at Abaddon’s side or carrying out his bidding. Wherever he appears, he spreads the terrible plague with which he is afflicted, and is single-handedly responsible for disseminating the disease that wiped out every inhabitant of the city of Atika during the Pandorax Campaign.[1]



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