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Dawn of War (Novel)

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Dawn of War
DOW - Dawn of War cover.jpg
Author C.S. Goto
Publisher Black Library
Series Dawn of War
Followed by Dawn of War: Ascension
Released 2004
Pages 416

Dawn of War is the novelization by C.S. Goto of the computer game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. It was followed by two additional novels, forming the Dawn of War (Novel Series).


The novel largely follows the events of the game, with some additional material added.


In 999.M38, a party of Eldar are on the storm-wracked planet of Tartarus, seeking to re-imprison an immensely powerful Daemon Prince, by summoning an Avatar of Khaine. However, they are interrupted at the crucial juncture by a Deathwatch kill team under the command of Inquisitor Jhordine, intent on recovering a fragment of the Avatar's sword as a potent weapon for the Imperium. They succeed, and the Eldar's Farseer, Macha, curses that the "mon-keigh" do not know the consequences of their actions.

Part One

Part Two


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