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Fayde Thuring

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Fayde Thuring was a Heretic, who repeatedly crossed paths with Inquisitor Eisenhorn. When he was first encountered by the Inquisitor, Thuring had been a minor Cultist in the Hearthood Chaos Cult, who had survived its destruction at the Imperium's hands. Afterwards he would continue his heretical seditionist life and was later active on Thracian Primaris, where he became pursued by Eisenhorn. Thuring would kill the Inquisitor's agent and friend Midas Betancore, before he made his escape, but in doing so he incurred the Inquisitor's wrath. Eisenhorn would continue his pursuit of Thuring and to survive, the heretic relocated to the Ophidian Subsector, sometime after 338.M41, following the Imperium's successful Crusade to reclaim it from the grip of Chaos. He then traveled to the island Miquol on Durer, after learning that the defeated forces of Chaos had stored a cache of dormant Chaos Titans there, before they had fled from the Subsector. Eisenhorn and his agents and allies were in hot pursuit of Thuring by then, but by the time they found the Heretic, he had activated the Chaos Titan Cruor Vult. Though they were heavily outmatched, the Inquisitor's forces opened fire on the Titan, but Thuring was able to kill several of them using the Cruor Vult's corrupted firepower. In desperation Eisenhorn summoned forth his powerful Daemonhost Cherubael, who killed Thuring when it destroyed the corrupted Titan.[1]