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Fidelis (Strike Cruiser)

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The Fidelis is a Strike Cruiser in the Ultramarines Chapter and was part of the armada that was sent to aid the Ork invaded Vortengard Spiral. However, as they journeyed to aid the Imperium worlds in the Spiral, they received a message that the Agri World Styxia Prime was invaded by a tendril of Hive Fleet Gorgon. Though the Chapter was committed to aid the worlds of the Vortengard Spiral, Master of Sanctity Ortan Cassius was able to successfully petition Chapter Master Calgar to aid the Agri World. The Fidelis was then tasked with bringing Cassius' strike force to the Agri World[1a] and stayed in its orbit[1b] to provide orbital fire for the Imperium forces[1c] fighting there[1d]. When the Tyranid invasion was defeated, the Fidelis transported what remained of Cassius' strike force to the Vortengard Spiral, to aid the Chapter fighting the Ork invasion.[1e]

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