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Gauntlet Run (Short Story)

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Gauntlet Run
Author Chris Roberson
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Heroes of the Space Marines

Cover Description

The planet Tunis is besieged by a massive Waaagh of vicious greenskinned orks. Sergeant Hilts and his scouts must fight their way through the enemy forces to deliver an important message, but with the main bulk of the orks before them and a force of ork bikers close behind, a deadly race begins. Will any of them survive to complete their mission?


The alkaline flats of the Ork-invaded Imperial planet Tunis.


  • Imperial Fists 10th Company
    • Veteran Sergeant Hilts - Wounded in action. Rescued by Scout Zatori after being injured by Rotgrim Skab.
    • Scout du Queste - Laconic member of the squad.
    • Scout Kelso - Impetuous and a finder of joy in battle, Kelso's desire for combat would see him beheaded by the Speed Freak Nob, Rotgrim Skab.
    • Scout s'Tonan - Rather emotionless member of the squad.
    • Scout Zatori - Native to the planet Triandr, he first saw a Space Marine on the battlefields of Eokaroe. An strong adherent to the teachings of the Imperial Fists battlesage Rhetoricus, he attempted to respond to and interpret battlefield events in the light of Rhetoricus's words. This led to a novel interpretation of his vaporising of Rotgrim Skab.
  • Imperial Fists 1st Company
  • Orks of the Evil Sunz Clan
    • Rotgrim Skab - Nob of a group of Speed Freaks, Skab picks up and pursues the scout bikers across the desert for some time, attempting to herd them into a trap. He is somewhat nonplussed when this plan is turned inside out by the arrival of the Imperial Fist Terminators and is eventually killed by a melta-gun blast from Scout Zatori.

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