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The Ghanathaar are described in several Imperial records, as an ancient non-humanoid Xenos species, that once resided in the Jericho Reach.[1]


This ended during the Great Crusade, when the Imperium attacked the Ghanathaar's domain at the Reach's border with the Eastern Fringe. The war against the Ghanathaar was considered to be amongst the most serious opposition, to the Crusade's efforts to bring the Jericho Reach into Compliance. While the Imperium was ultimately victorious, the war with the Xenos destroyed the capacity of numerous worlds in that portion of the Reach to sustain life. This is a factor that has come to shape the future the Jericho Reach.[1]

The Ultramarines Legion are believed to be among the Imperial forces, that took part in the war against the Ghanathaar. 2033 members of the Legion perished, in what the Ultramarines called the War against the Ghan'at Hark. The fallen are honored, by having their names graven upon a Charantracite relief panel, in Macragge's Chapel of Ages.[1]