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Harkor was a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1a]


Harkor was Warsmith of the 23rd Grand Battalion and a member of the Trident until the close of the First Siege of Hydra Cordatus, when Harkor ordered his forces to make a bloody but successful push against the Imperial Fists defending the Cadmean Citadel. While Harkor's orders did lead to the close of the siege, his forces were largely bogged down and the attack cost his Grand Battalion many needless casualties, as well as disobeying Perturabo's direct orders and battle plan; Harkor was summarily stripped of his rank by the uncompromising Lord of Iron. Harkor's position as Warsmith and membership of the Trident were immediately filled by his former subordinate Kroeger.[1a]

Becoming a common foot soldier in a frontline unit (specifically the 55th Storm Squad, led by Sergeant Ghasta), Harkor appeared willing to offer Kroeger advice on the politicking necessary as a high-ranking Warsmith.[1b] He would serve as Kroeger's Lieutenant during the Battle of Iydris.[1c]

In actuality, however, this was a ruse: Toramino, a patrician Warsmith and Master of the Stor-bezashk, had been incensed that he had been passed over for membership of the Trident and that a "commoner" would come to lead a Grand Battalion, and plotted with Harkor to end the lives of Trident members Kroeger and Forrix in a plot to instate themselves (while Toramino had no personal issue with Forrix, Toramino knew he would oppose reinstating Harkor as a Warsmith).[1c] During the fight against the Eldar on Iydris Harkor was killed by Kroeger when the warrior descended into a blind frenzy.[1d]

Although the plot failed, Toramino appeared to successfully cover that there had been any scheme at all.[1e]