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House Arcadius

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House Arcadius (also known as the Arcadius Dynasty[1a] or Clan Arcadius[4a]) is a Rogue Trader house.[3]


Before receiving its Warrant of Trade, the Arcadius Dynasty entered into a partnership with Navigator House Locarno.[1b]

Roughly three millennia before before 742.M41[1a][4a], Lord Arcadius Maxim Gerrit was awarded the House's Warrant of Trade as a reward for his leadership during the Easthead Nebula Crusade by the High Lords. The charter gives the House the right to explore and exploit the black spaces on the star charts and to bring the light of the Emperor to the worlds beyond the borders of the Imperium.[1a]

The House was most active in the Eastern Fringe[1a], though some of its scions were known to operate elsewhere, such as the Koronus Expanse[3], and Necromunda.[5]

By M41, Chiurgeon Adept Estaban had served as the personal physician for several generations of House Arcadius, including Lucian Gerrit.[2a]

Known Rogue Traders of House Arcadius

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