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Ignatius Numen

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Ignatius Numen[2]

Ignatius Numen was a Battle Brother of the Iron Hands Legion, who escaped from Istvaan V with a contingent of Iron Hands aboard the Sisypheum.[1a]

He was a Morlock Terminator. During the Emperors Children assault on the Sisypheum he was severely injured and afterwards his burnt eyes had to be replaced by augmetic and he lost his hearing. He survived the assault, later made planetfall and became a key participant in the Battle of the Sepulchre of Isha's Doom. His very deafness gave him a critical advantage over Marius Vairosean of the Emperors Children, the first ever Noise Marine, and Ignatius Numen used this advantage to destroy Marius utterly with a Volkite Cannon.[1b]

Numen took part in the final mission of the Sisypheum to acquire the Magna Mater on Luna. During the fighting, Atesh Tarsa managed to hold onto the Magna Mater during a catastrophic explosion but was covered in radioactive fire. Numen sacrifced himself to drag Tarsa out of the flames and secure the Magna Mater, becoming covered in radioactive burns himself. Asking if the Magna Mater was safe, Numen simply stated he would die now once he received an answer.[2a]