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Imperial Navy Quotes

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Quotes made by members of the Imperial Navy or about the Imperial Navy:


Imperial Manuals / Books / Publications

Book Quote Source
Catechism of the Engin-near Blessed be the coruscating plasma of the engine room, Spiritus Machina protect us from thy burning doom. Harness unto our will the power of light, Let conduit and coil work alright. Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 16
Inscription at the top of the Gothic Monolith in the Chamber of Heroes There is nothing better that a man can do than lay down his life in the service of the Emperor. Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 9
Opening line of the Imperial Navy Articles of War You are expected at all times and in all situations to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to, and mindful of, the great duties and traditions of the Emperor's Most Glorious and Honourable Navy. Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 5


Speaker Quote Source
Compel Bast, Captain His great art was to be in the right place at the right time - others were not so cunning.
- of Lord Admiral Ravensberg
Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 17
Bayde, Lieutenant of the 104th 'Fury' Thunderbolt Squadron This is Fury Squadron commencing fly-over, don’t worry Colonel, we’ve got you covered Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card Interdicition - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 6 October 2015)


Speaker Quote Source
Grenfeld, Captain of the Hammer of Justice The whole principle of naval fighting is to be free to go anywhere with every damned thing the Navy possesses. Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 7


Speaker Quote Source
Hawke, Fleet-Admiral He who seizes the moment, he is the right man. Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 11


Speaker Quote Source
Rath, Admiral A magnificent ship no doubt, but I would rather have a crew who knew their airlaps from their transons.
- on receiving command of the Emperor class battleship Dominus Astra
Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 10


Quote Speaker Source
The Emperor is master of the galaxy, but the captain is master of his ship. Popular naval saying Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook,
pg. 10