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Imperial Savior Cult

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Imperial Savior Cults, also known as Hero Cults, are Cults that worship members of the Imperium who have saved their worlds in the past.[1]


They are considered sub-cults of the Imperial Cult and attach spiritual significance to many of their Saviors. The Cults also contribute their Saviors with a talismanic notion of protection, that can be given to its members. To honor their Saviors, the Cults will perform various rituals in their name as they worship them. These could include the burning of suspected Heretics or rituals that mirror the actions their Saviors committed, while defending their worlds. However these Cults are watched by the Imperium, for anything that is excessively divergent from the Imperial Cult in their beliefs.[1]

One such Imperial Savior Cult is located in Armageddon's Hive Helsreach, which worships the Black Templars' Reclusiarch Grimaldus. The Cult arose in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation and conducts worshipful rituals to honor Grimaldus and to also gain his protection.[1]