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Index Astartes: Centurions (Background Book)

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Index Astartes: Centurions
Cover art
Publisher Black Library
Series Index Astartes (Background Books)
Preceded by Index Astartes: Emperor's Champion
Followed by Index Astartes: Apothecaries
Released September 2013
Pages 28
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782532989

Index Astartes: Centurions is the fifteenth book in the Index Astartes series of background books by Black Library.

Cover Description

Designed as siege breakers and for the close quarters of boarding actions, Centurions are heavy exo-armour suits used by specialist Space Marine formations. Incorporating either close range weapons like siege drills and heavy flamers or heavy weapons like lascannons and heavy bolters making each Centurion a formidable adversary.

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