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Munitorum: Vulcan Mega-Bolter (Background Book)

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Munitorum: Vulcan Mega-Bolter
Publisher Black Library
Series Munitorum (Background Books)
Preceded by Munitorum: The Maugetar (Background Book)
Followed by Munitorum: Vortex Missiles (Background Book)
Released July 2013
Pages 7
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782531654

Munitorum: Vulcan Mega-Bolter is the fifth book in the Munitorum series of background books by Black Library.

Cover Description

The Vulcan Mega-Bolter churns out bolt shells into the ranks of the enemy, its huge rotary cannons capable of turning entire platoons of soldiers into crimson mist in the blink of an eye. The largest of the Imperium's bolt weaponry it is found only on titans and in the turrets of super heavy tanks.

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