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Indomitable Spirit

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The Indomitable Spirit was a Lightning strike fighter, notable for its long service to the Imperium, ability to survive despite being shot down many times, and powerful machine spirit.


The Indomitable Spirit was an ancient aircraft, having served in at least five Imperial crusades, including the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. In the latter conflict, it was deployed on Khulan, Balhaut, Parthenope. On the latter world, it saved the life of its pilot Sova.[1]

In 771.M41, it served on Belshiir Binary, newly piloted by a rookie named Leana Vidal; although it helped to complete Vidal's mission and saved her life, the Indomitable Spirit was also heavily damaged and witnessed the destruction of its squad and the death of Sova by a Blood Pact Hell Blade.[1]

In 778.M41, the Indomitable Spirit flew under Bastien Daire on Lyubov, destroying a flying Woe Machine and again saving its pilot's life. It again suffered extreme damage.[1]

By 784.M41, the true identity of the Indomitable Spirit had been lost due to its extensive refits, and it was stationed under the serial number 10-20 on Tygris. There, it was commandeered by a badly wounded Imperial pilot, Avery, for an unsanctioned, suicidal mission to destroy a Chaos base. The attack was a success, although Avery was killed and the Indomitable Spirit was buried under ice.[1]

However, it was recovered, and continued its service. In 789.M41, it found itself on Noctus Primaris. There, the Indomitable Spirit was rediscovered and reidentified by Vidal who had risen to become an officer. She took it once more as her personal aircraft. In their first mission after being reunited, the Indomitable Spirit under Vidal encountered the same Hell Blade which had shot them down on Belshiir Binary. This time, they barely won the aerial duel, though Vidal was possibly mortally wounded.[1]

In 792.M41, the Indomitable Spirit was part of the Imperial Navy force that fought against the Blood Pact and Sons of Sek on Urdesh. At this point, it was piloted by Flight Commander Evar Trass, and its identity had been restored. However, it was grounded by the Blood Pact and captured. Trass was tortured to death, and the Indomitable Spirit taken by Chaos pilot Hemik who devoted the machine to the Archenemy, intending to use it for an attack on the Imperial air base at Zarak East. As he closed in on Zarak East, Hemik was intercepted by Imperial Captain Alys Ferro, but pretended to be Trass. Ferro eventually saw through the ruse, but at this point it was almost too late: Hemik moved to destroy Ferro's fighter, but just as he had her in his firing arc the Indomitable Spirit took control from him, shutting down all systems save communications. Having realized what had happened, Ferro told Hemik that "you can bloody us. You can take our eyes. Our teeth. Our tongues. But there is one thing you will never take. Never break. Our spirit." She then broke off and returned to her base. Meanwhile, the Indomitable Spirit, with Hemik inside and realizing that he had failed to break the machine, plunged into one of Urdesh's oceans, the Eastern Reach.[1]

Known pilots


Despite being severely damaged repeatedly during its career, often to the point that its entire exterior had to be replaced, the Indomitable Spirit usually ended up with a silver-gray paintjob. Most of the time, the aircraft's name was written on its hull, although years would pass during which the Indomitable Spirit was unidentified before being rediscovered by one of its former pilots. In 771.M41, before being repainted, it displayed combat markers that indicated its role in 32 aerial victories, and it having about 30 different pilots up to that point.[1]

The aircraft's old machine spirit was unusually potent, to the point that all of its pilots were able to feel some kind connection to it, and its animalistic hunting instinct. The Indomitable Spirit was able, to some extent, of caring for its pilots, its missions, and the Imperium at large. In dangerous situations, especially when its pilots were rendered unconscious mid-flight, it often took momentary control, helping in combat and even flying back to its base or landing somewhere safe on its own. The true extent of its powers was displayed when it resisted Blood Pact pilot Hemik.[1]