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Khorlu was a Lord Admiral and Rogue Trader, who in 679.M36 was tasked by the High Lords of Terra to travel through the benighted Veil of Kanth, in search of the fabled Beta-Garmon System. Needing aid for this dangerous journey, Khorlu invoked ancient familial bonds to secure a demi-Company of the Silver Skulls Chapter, to be the spearhead of his expedition.[1]

After a perilous quest the system was rediscovered, but a battle had to be waged to take the planet Beta-Garmon IV, considered the glittering jewel of the system, from the beings that inhabited it. After a bloody battle, Khorlu and the expedition were victorious and claimed the planet for the Imperium. For their aid and sacrifice in helping him secure the System, Khorlu later ceded the planet to the Silver Skulls.[1]

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