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Medusa (Hive World)

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Name: Medusa[1a] Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1a]
Class: Hive World[1a]

Medusa is a Hive World near the Eye of Terror in Segmentum Obscurus.[1a]


By M41, Medusa had been part of the Imperium for ten thousand years.[1e]


Medusa was covered by smoggy clouds, with ragged rents that showed the stars. The air in Medusa Freeport was damp and had industrial toxins which gave it a distinctive tang. Its huge multi-leveled buildings were connected at all levels by great open-air stone bridges. The bridges held streets, with massive statues every hundred metres, depicting the Emperor, Primarchs, Imperial Saints, Medusa's Governors, holy men and heroes.[1e]

Known Locations

  • Medusa Freeport[1b]
    • Starport terminal[1c]
    • Medusa Warren[1d] (also known as The Warrens) — slums[1b]
    • Palace of Pleasure — a bar owned by Justina[1b]
    • Cathedral of the Emperor — the largest and most imposing structure visible in the Freeport[1e]
  • Factory Hives — their flickering gaslight illuminates part of the streets of the Freeport[1e]


Medusans typically have fair skin, and avoid tattoos.[1b]

Many offworlders live in Medusa Freeport. A crime syndicate also operated in Medusa Freeport, known as the Medusan Syndics. They were considered to be effectively merchants by Rogue Trader Janus Darke, who they supported until he lost most of his crew and mercenaries on Typhon, leading them to impound his ship the Star of Venam.[1b]

Known Inhabitants



  • Medusa is probably meant to be Medusa IV, the homeworld of the Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter, however, after Farseer (Novel) was published in 2002, other books radically changed Medusa into a barren Waste World with no Hives, and only one small permanent settlement. When Farseer was republished in 2010, it was released under the Heretic Tomes banner, indicating that parts of its background were no longer consistent with the current setting.

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