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Merity Chass

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Lady Merity Chass was a noblewoman of House Chass of Vervunhive on the planet Verghast.[1a] She was the daughter and heir of the House's Patriarch, the Lord Heymlik Chass.[1b]


Following the death of her father in the Siege of Vervunhive, Merity met with Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, who by that point was the ranking Imperial officer defending the hive, the others having died or disgraced themselves over the course of the Siege. She presented him with an amulet given to House Chass by High Master Heironymo Sondar capable of crippling any cogitator system used in the hive in the hopes that he could make use of it. Despite the vast gap in their social statuses, Merity went on to have a romantic tryst with Gaunt.[1c]

In the aftermath of the Siege, Vervunhive was reduced to a ruin and planned to be demolished. Houses Chass and Rodyin would go on to found a new hive to the south, with Lady Merity becoming the first woman to govern a Hive Collective on Verghast.[1d] She also commissioned the famed sculptor Jeshua Thoru to create a memorial commemorating the Siege.[2]