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Miral Rex

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Miral Rex is a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken.[1c][3]

When the tyranids overran the planet Sotha, homeworld of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, the survivors evacuated to the Miral System, hoping to resupply at an outpost of the Chapter located on Miral Prime.[1a] The tyranids, however, later attacked the Miral system as well.[1b] The splinter fleet that attacked the system was given the provisional designation Miral Rex.[1c]

Hive Ships

As the Scythes of the Emperor prepared to defend their bastion on Miral Prime against Miral Rex, they ran into a problem: each tyranid vessel which registered on the Scythes' sensors was labelled with a numeric designation, but there were so many contacts that the Chapter Serfs found it near-impossible to distinguish between them efficiently. Scout Sergeant Brimelow devised a solution - by naming each ship, after a monster or evil figure of Sotharan myth, the serfs were able to identify and target specific organisms more easily.[1d]

Miral Rex included nine Hive Ships.[1d] Named ships of the splinter fleet included:

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