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Mordion 7th Regiment

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The Mordion 7th Regiment is an Imperial Guard Regiment from the hive world Mordion and was tithed in 984.M41.[1]


The regiment's "D" Company was formed from the "Night Rippers" hive gang, which led a rebellion against Mordion's planetary governor, Commander Varren. The rebellion was put down, and its leader, Mahagon Jhume, executed, but his followers were considered a potentially valuable fighting force and rather than being executed, they were inducted into the Imperial Guard. The "Night Rippers" continue to use their gang symbols and use Jhume's image on their banners.[1]

In 984.M41 the regiment was assigned to pacify the newly rediscovered human world of Flotis III.[1]

"D" Company, at the time of the pacification, was composed of six platoons (including Rough Rider, Ogryn, Beastmen, Penal Battalion platoons), plus a Ratling Sniper squad and an Adeptus Mechanicus detachment.[1]

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