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Beastmen (Homo sapiens variatus) are the most bestial and inhuman type of Abhumans.


Their bodies combine the features of both human and animal. Beastmen are much more variable in form than other abhuman types. They are considered Abhumans rather than ordinary Mutants, as individual Beastmen conform to a general physical and genetic standard and are no more prone to further mutation than normal humans. Beastmen warriors which worship the Chaos God frequent the armies of the Lost and the Damned.[2] Of these corrupted Beastmen, those that worship Khorne are known as Bloodgors, those that worship Tzeentch are known as Tzaangors, those that worship Slaanesh are known as Slaangors[5], and those that worship Nurgle are known as Pestigors.[3a]

There is also an unusually large and aggressive strain of giant Beastman known as a Minotaur. It is comparable in strength to an Ogryn.[1a]

Those Beastmen who have been introduced into the Imperial cult possess a simple but fierce devotion to the Emperor, regarding him as a vengeful god which demands tribute in the form of the blood of his enemies. They are driven by the need to atone for the sin of being mutants by fighting for the Emperor.[Needs Citation]

Within the Imperium however, Beastmen are subject to severe persecution and have been placed on the Register of Proscribed Citizens (Class A-G worlds) by the Adeptus Arbites. As such, they are effectively precluded from settlement on, or transportation to or from, more than three hundred thousand worlds of the Imperium and are forbidden from being conscripted as an Imperial Tithe obligation. These restrictions are a sure sign, that Beastmen will soon lose their Abhuman status completely and will be reclassified as true Mutants.[4]

Notable Beastmen




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