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Ordo Sicarius Initiate

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An Initiate of the Ordo Sicarius[2]

An Ordo Sicarius Initiate is an assassin-acolyte of the Inquisition who is dispatched by the Ordo Sicarius to better monitor the Officio Assassinorum.[1a]


These Initiates must be warriors with great skill and adept at subterfuge, which means that becoming one of their number is no simple feat. When a prospective candidate is selected, the Ordo Sicarius simply provides them with a simple dataslate with the name of their target and the stated written goal of "Interogation and Extermination required". How these initiates go about their mission is their own decision but, upon successful completion of their assignment, the prospective individual is taken to the Ordo Sicarius's main temple where their training begins in the ways of an Assassin-Inquisitor.[1a]

Following the Age of Apostasy, Inquisitor Jaeger came to the conclusion that a special order of the Inquisition was needed to better control the order of assassins after the havoc that was caused to the agency during the reign of Goge Vandire. His proposal was accepted and thus the Ordo Sicarius was formed to monitor the Officio for any signs of corruption. As the Officio Assassinorum is a highly secretive branch of the Imperium, the only effective means of monitoring it was the placement of Inquisitorial operatives within its ranks.[1a]

These initiates are placed within the most trusted inner circles of high-ranking members of the Imperial hierarchy or are even on loan from Inquisitors from other Ordos where their skill set is deemed to be extremely useful.[1a]

The most notable example of an Ordo Sicarius Initiate is in the early years of the 39th Millennium when Praetor Golgenna Angevin was raised to the rank of Lord Militant and granted a writ to pursue a crusade to liberate as well as dominate the region of space known as the Calyx Expanse. By his side was a man believed to be his trusted chamberlain but was in fact Inquisitor Treyus Godan of the Ordo Sicarius, who intended to monitor the crusade as well as to determine on behalf of the Inquisition whether or not Angevin was faithfully carrying out his duties. If he was deemed to not be conducting his mission, it was Godan's duty to eliminate him. This became apparent when the Crusade entered its third and final stage when the Inquisitor personally saw Saint Drusus slain by a rogue assassin. However, before his life ended, Drusus arose anew and reborn as a Saint which saw Godan end his charade as a servant to the Lord Militant whereupon he began impersonating an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus.[1a]

Using the Ordo's resources, he threw his support behind Drusus during the persecution of deserters from the crusade's forces. By the glorious end of the crusade, the Ordo Malleus had dispatched an Inquisitor Lord to serve as Master of the Ordo within the newly formed Calixis Sector. For his actions, Inquisitor Godan was brought before charges of impersonating an Inquisitor, though he was granted clemency due to the undeniable results of his duplicity. As such, he was instead stripped of his rank and spent the rest of his life as a servitor that continued his service within the Holy Ordos. The effectiveness of an Ordo Sicarius Initiate leads to the Calixian Ordo Malleus calling upon their assistance in the elimination of daemonic cults as well as to provide training for their acolytes in clandestine cells.[1a]