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Ordo Sicarius

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An Initiate of the Ordo Sicarius

The Ordo Sicarius is a relatively recent department of the Inquisition, created to monitor the Officio Assassinorum.[2]


Following the Age of Apostasy, led by Goge Vandire, came the Wars of Vindication within the Office of Assassins itself. The Officio had become riddled with corruption and the Grand Master of Assassins brought it to its knees in order to purge it. The Officio was reduced to ruins and needed a full reorganization. Following a thorough investigation, Inquisitor Jaeger deemed that a special order of the Inquisition was needed to monitor and control the Officio much more closely. His proposal was accepted and the Ordo Sicarius was created, to monitor the Office for signs of corruption and to expose and to punish the responsible parties.[Needs Citation]

At the Inquisition's request, the Officio Assassinorum also agreed to the following changes:

  • The Assassin temples were re-distributed to various locations, so that should one of them be corrupted by alien influence, daemonancy, or heresy, the others would remain untainted.
  • Any assassination order requires a two-thirds majority vote of assent from the High Lords of Terra.[Needs Citation]
  • All assassinations are followed by a detailed report of the mission, subject to Inquisitorial inspection at any time.[Needs Citation]
  • All assassins, with the exceptions of those of the Eversor Temple, undergo regular repeated psycho-doctrination under the eye of the Inquisition, if deemed necessary.[Needs Citation]

A major problem was that the Officio Assassinorum was, and obviously still is, a highly secretive organisation. To monitor it effectively one is forced to work from within its confines, and not from the outside. Therefore, inside the various temples are some agents of the Inquisition, Assassin-Inquisitors, which provide the needed information for the Ordo Sicarius.[Needs Citation]

The Ordo Sicarius has, to date, successfully uncovered and prevented two assassination attempts on the High Lords of Terra themselves and also prevented the assassination of an Inquisitor who had been working closely with Orks in the Lamina sector.[Needs Citation]

Notable Members


  • Sicarius (plural, Sicarii) was a Latin term coined by the Romans to describe an extremist faction of the rebels during the First Jewish Roman War, who specialised in stealth tactics and assassination, often carried out with distinctive, curved daggers called sica.

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