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Orpheus Salient

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Orpheus Salient

The Orpheus Salient is a region of the Jericho Reach.[1b]


The Orpheus Salient was once the largest and most successful of the three routes of advance established by Lord Militant Tetrarchus, gaining more ground than either the Canis or Acheros Salients, and rivaling the combined accomplishments of both those fronts. Its worlds are numerous, and many of them have begun to contribute to the continued might of the Achilus Crusade.[1b]

However, in recent years, this once successful front suffered perhaps the greatest setback imaginable, with world after world assailed by the ravenous forces of Hive Fleet Dagon. The Tyranid threat has seen the once strong Salient divided and its forces scattered. At present, only the decisive will of a few of the Orpheus Salient's commanders, and the might of the Adeptus Astartes—including, but not limited to, the intervention of the Deathwatch—maintains the Salient's remaining worlds in the face of an inexorable foe.[1b]

This chapter describes some of the many worlds of the Orpheus Salient. Some are battling against the terrible hunger of the Tyranids, while others gather their strength in preparation of such an assault, and others still remain oblivious to the peril that stalks the void. It also details a few of the leaders of men whose will and prowess help the Crusade's armies stand firm against the encroaching menace.[1b]

The territory of the Orpheus Salient covers dozens of worlds, some of which are many weeks' travel through the warp from the Well of Night. This vast expanse of void is a challenge to conquer and a challenge to defend with the ever advancing forces of a Crusade, but until recently, the Orpheus Salient was the most stable and secure of the three Salients in spite of these difficulties.[1b]

In the thirty years since the Orpheus Salient was established, countless millions of men and women have fought, bled and died to claim and defend the worlds in the Salient, and as a result, more than sixty star systems were returned to the rule of the Imperium. But the history of the Orpheus Salient is not merely a tale of the triumph of the righteous, but also a warning to those who become complacent.[1b]

Known Planets