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Phyrr Cat

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A pair of Phyrr cats.[3]

The Phyrr Cat is the apex predator of the plains and forests of Phyrr.[1]


These felids grow rather large, some of the oldest reaching the size of a small pony. They are completely carnivorous, but also very reclusive. A Phyrr Cat’s prowess in stealth is so phenomenal that someone travelling through Phyrr’s forests could pass within 4 metres of one and never know it was there. Moreover, like every other plant and animal on Phyrr, the Phyrr Cat is toxic to human life.[1]

There is also some evidence to suggest that Phyrr Cats have some sort of ingrained psychic ability, allowing them to hunt without using their more mundane senses. Certainly, in several cases the cats have savagely attacked psykers who strayed too close to them.[1]


Some ambitious Rogue Traders travel to Phyrr to capture the creatures to sell to noble game preserves.[1]


The Phyrr Cats have become sought after prized pets for the gang members of Necromunda's House Escher, who are enamored with the Cats' exotic looks and killer instincts. Smuggling these felines into Necronmunda's Hives is incredibly difficult though, so they are rarely seen even amongst the hierarchy of House Escher. However, when an opportunity to acquire a Phyrr Cat, or even better, a mating pair, arises, Escher gang chiefs will go to any lengths to secure them.[2]

Known Phyrr Cats

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