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Phantom Titan Class Pulsar

A Pulsar is an Eldar laser weapon mounted on Titans and Super-Heavy Tanks. Though similar to a Bright Lance, Pulsars are four to five times in size and immensely more powerful with greater range and a high rate of fire. Pulsars are a direct threat to Imperial Titans and far superior to anything the Adeptus Mechanicus has sanctioned for use on their own war machines. Against smaller targets a Pulsar is overkill, simply slicing a Leman Russ Battle Tank in two with a single shot.[1][2]

Phantom Titan Pulsar

Phantom Titan Pulsars are massive versions of the standard Pulsar mounted on Phantom Titans. These weapons are feared by the Princeps and Moderati of the Collegia Titanica. They are far superior to any Imperial technology, they possess both long range and the ability to penetrate Imperial Titan armor with ease.[2]

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