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Titan Princeps
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Titan operator; for the dog, see Princeps (Dog).
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Titan operator; for the ruler of a Questor Mechanicus Knight House, see High King.

A Princeps is a member of the Collegia Titanica and the main operator of an Imperial Titan. They, together with two or more Moderatii are mentally linked with the Titan's "spirit". In effect, they are the Titan.[1]


A Princeps is trained at the Collegia Titanica. Unlike most of the Adeptus Mechanicus personnel, Princeps recruits are not only selected from the Forge Worlds' own civilians, but from anywhere the Mechanicus may find suitable candidates. This is because only the strongest of will can sustain a mind-link with the Titan's powerful spirit with their sanity intact, and the rarity of such specimens requires a larger selection pool.[1] Princeps also undergo minimal augmentation to their bodies, unlike most members of other Adeptus Mechanicus sub-factions, as having an organic body gives them a "anchor-point" to help differentiate themselves from their Titan's machine-spirit and thus help prevent losing their consciousness within it.[6] As such when their bodies become too old or injured to allow them normal function, Princeps are instead interred within amniotic-fluid filled pods within their Titan's command chambers.[3][4a][5]

Known ranks of Princeps

  • Grand Master - Commands an entire Titan Legion[9a]
  • Marshal[5]
  • Princeps Maximus[11]
  • Princeps Senioris also spelled as Princeps Seniores - Commands a Maniple of Titans[5][9b]
  • Princeps Majoris[4a]
  • Princeps Ultima
  • Princeps Penultima
  • Princeps Primus
  • Princeps Captain[7]
  • Princeps - Commands an individual Titan[1]

Notable Princeps

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