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The Samothrace was a Battle Barge of the Ultramarines during the Horus Heresy. After the Battle of Calth the Macragge's Honour was badly damaged and becalmed within the Warp, forcing Roboute Guilliman to make the Samothrace his new flagship. The ship led the efforts of the Ultramarines to breach the Ruinstorm and reach Terra in the aftermath of the dissolution of Imperium Secundus.[1a]

During the Second Battle of Davin, the Samothrace was badly damaged in battle with the monstrously corrupted Daemonship Veritas Ferrum. Facing destruction at the hands of the vessel, Samothrace's Shipmaster, Turetia Altuzer, detonated Cyclonic Torpedoes at point blank range. The Samothrace was destroyed, but the Veritas Ferrum managed to regenerate.[1b]

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