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Sorot Tchure

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Sorot Tchure was a Captain of the Word Bearers Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.


This page contains spoilers for: Know No Fear (Novel)

Approximately eight years before the Battle of Calth, pure accident drew Tchure's company and the 209th Company of the Ultramarines under Captain Honorius Luciel together in defence of the city of Hantovania Sebros on Caskian. The Word Bearers and the Ultramarines would never have been deployed together deliberately, as there was still bad blood between the two legions over the Emperor's public humiliation of the Word Bearers and their primarch Lorgar years earlier, at the razing of Monarchia.[1a]

During their four months of fighting on Caskian, Tchure and Luciel became the closest thing to friends that marines from their two legions could be, learning and benefiting from their opposing perspectives. Luciel taught Tchure a martial pragmatism which balanced his sense of faith, and to take pride in his transhuman abilities; in return, the intensely pious Tchure reminded Luciel of his place in a wider universe, and imparted to him a quasi-religious awe at the mysteries of the galaxy.[1a]

Before the Battle of Calth, Hol Beloth heard Tchure's name whispered among the upper councils of the Word Bearers, as a man destined for great things.[2]

During the muster at Calth, when the Ultramarines and Word Bearers were brought together supposedly in preparation for an invasion of the Ork-held Ghaslakh system, Luciel and Tchure both asked to be among the advance guards greeting each other - though for very different reasons.[1a] The two met each other at Numinus High Anchor, a space station that was part of the Calth's shipyards. Luciel was somewhat taken aback to see Tchure's armour painted in the new, blood-red colours of his legion, but the two greeted each other warmly just the same.[1b]

Aboard the cruiser Samothrace, Luciel welcomed the opportunity to bridge the rift between the two legions; Tchure, likewise, was forthright with his friend about the Word Bearers' frustration with their own primarch, describing Lorgar as "brilliant but fallible," but confiding that Lorgar, and the Word Bearers, were reinventing themselves, having found a new purpose and a new way of making war.[1c] As proof of his loyalty to the Word Bearers' new identity, Tchure had requested to commit the opening murder of what would become the Battle of Calth. With this announcement, Tchure drew his plasma pistol and shot Luciel through the torso at point-blank range, burning a huge hole through his body, while his men gunned down Luciel's unsuspecting escort with their bolters. Tchure then finished Luciel off with a shot to the head.[1c]

Tchure and his company proceeded to secure the Samothrace for the arrival of Kor Phaeron, who used the ship to seize control of one of Calth's orbital weapons platforms which had been deliberately left alone by the legion's fleet, and from there to take control of the planet's weapons grid, turning it against Calth's orbital assets and eventually the Veridian star.[1d]

During the operation, Tchure confided to Phaeron that his friendship with Luciel, and his admiration of the Ultramarines and their primarch, Guilliman, was absolutely genuine; if it had not been, Luciel's murder would not have been as potent an offering to the Word Bearers' new gods.[1e]

When Roboute Guilliman and a handpicked force of Ultramarines assaulted the control room of the main weapons platform, Tchure was among the Word Bearers guarding it, and crossed swords with Sergeant Aeonid Thiel. The Word Bearer was more than a match for the Ultramarine, but was momentarily distracted when Guilliman struck a mortal blow at Kor Phaeron.[1f][1g] In this instant's distraction, Thiel broke through Tchure's guard and cleaved away part of his head with his sword. For a moment, Tchure hallucinated that Thiel was Luciel, risen from the grave to slay him for his treachery.[1g] The wound was not fatal, however, and Tchure joined a small group of Word Bearers who escaped carrying Kor Phaeron and were teleported away from the fight to the Infidus Imperator as it fled the Calth system.[1g]

During the Underworld War, Maloq Kartho, Hol Beloth's Dark Apostle, remarked to his commander that Tchure had understood the power of betrayal as a tribute to the Dark Gods, and if killing a friend - as Tchure had killed Luciel - was a potent offering, then Kartho intended to present them with an even better one, the betrayal of his own brothers: Foedrall Fell, Beloth himself, and their surviving Marines.[2]


Tchure does not appear as a named character in Macragge's Honour (Graphic Novel), so it is unknown whether he was killed in the battle aboard the Infidus Imperator, or whether he was one of the few Word Bearers who escaped the ship's destruction with Kor Phaeron to Sicarus.[3]