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Sennaca was a High Lord of Terra sometime between M40 and M41.[1]

During his time as a High Lord, he struck a deal with a conclave of radical Thorian Inquisitors that were stealing psykers destined for the Golden Throne, in order to slowly starve the Emperor. In return for being allowed to sell the stolen psykers to wealthy nobles for exorbitant fees, Sennaca agreed to use his position to hide the Inquisitors' activities. However, their insidious scheme was discovered years later by the Adeptus Custodes Captain-General Tybanus Lencilius, who then assembled a combined force of Custodians, Sisters of Silence and Imperial Assassins, to pull the corrupt operation up by its roots. Neither the Thorians nor Sennaca, nor any of the High Lord's inner circle, survived the vengeful purge that followed.[1]