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Storm Warriors

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Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
Storm Warriors SMC.jpg
- Storm Warriors -
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Calan[2]
Homeworld: Taran III[2]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Storm-Grey armor with Yellow trim and chest eagle[3]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry: Unknown

The Storm Warriors are a Codex Chapter of unknown origin.[1]


In their duty to the Emperor, the Storm Warriors launch constant Crusades, led by their Chapter Master, which seek lost planets and ancient treasures which greatly aid the Imperium. The majority of the Storm Warriors join these Crusades, while the remainder stay to defend their Homeworld Taran III, and they are aided by ships of the Imperial Navy (among them survey ships, recovery vessels, giant transports and scout vessals). These Crusades take the Storm Warriors a great distance from their Homeworld and can go on for a great deal of time - with the latest led by Chapter Master Calan, lasting 15 years of their time, as they had entered and re-entered the Warp; but with nearly a hundred passing on their Homeworld.[2]

Once the Chapter Master deems a Crusade to be finished, the Storm Warriors begin the journey home with the Imperial Navy vessels filled with their accomplishments. When Chapter Master Calan deemed his last Crusade to be finished, the Imperial Navy ships that accompanied the Storm Warriors, contained ancient artifacts from lost civilizations, treasures from a dozen strange worlds, specimens and recordings and survey results to last a thousand scholars' lifetimes. They also carried representatives of worlds that been isolated in great Warp Storms, who had given up hope that the Imperium would ever find them - until the day the great ships of the Storm Warriors' fleet appeared above their worlds.[2]

Before they return to their Homeworld, the Storm Warriors rendezvous with an Imperial Navy task force, which takes command of the Navy ships that took part of the Crusade and escorts them to Imperial bases, where their cargoes and survey records are examined and any representatives of the lost worlds the Storm Warriors discovered, are met with. With their charges seen to, the Storm Warriors' Crusade fleet then returns to Taran III, to recover and resupply, before journeying out into the Warp on their next Crusade.[2]

The Storm Warriors are also known to still use the rank of Lieutenant in their Chapter.[2]

One of the sacred symbols of the Chapter - a lightning flash - is a traditional symbol of good fortune that is used on vehicles to defend them against their enemies.[4]

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