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The Last Remembrancer (Short Story)

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The Last Remembrancer
Author John French
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Collected in Age of Darkness

Cover Description

In a secret fortress on the dark side of Titan, Rogal Dorn and Iacton Qruze meet with a prisoner. That prisoner has a tale to tell, of heroes and monsters, of honour and treachery, of life and death. He has stood at the side of the Warmaster himself, and he has a message for the Imperial Fists primarch. But can he be trusted? And can he be allowed to live? Rogal Dorn must decide the fate of the last remembrancer.


A traitor ship enters the Sol system and is boarded by Imperial Fists, who discover on board the famed remembrancer Solomon Voss. Taken to an unnamed fortress on Saturn's moon Titan, Voss states that he has spent the war at the side of Horus and is held prisoner. Rogal Dorn, primarch of the Imperial Fists and Praetorian of Terra, arrives to interview him along with Knight-Errant Iacton Qruze. Dorn, who has known Voss in the past, is reluctant to execute him despite Qruze's advocating of this pragmatic approach. After hearing Voss relate the story of how he reached the Warmaster and was kept alive as a witness to his deeds, Dorn and Qruze argue over the tyrannical direction the Imperium has taken since Horus's betrayal, Dorn desperate to believe that their is still hope for the Emperor's dream of enlightened humanity. Qruze responds that the Imperium must be ruthless in order to survive, and that giving up its old ideals is a necessary sacrifice. He tells Dorn what he already knows: that Voss was allowed to return to the Sol system with evidence of the magnitude of Horus's crimes as a psychological blow against Dorn himself, to make him lose hope in the future. With no other option, Dorn executes Voss with Qruze's sword and orders that his body and writings be burned.


A nameless Imperial fortress built upon and inside Titan, moon of Saturn.


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