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The Siege of Helios

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In 857.M38 the Red Scorpions Chapter delivered the manufactory world of Helios from a massive Ork invasion[1] of Waaagh! Grimgut. It is on this planet and in this conflict the Red Scorpions first developed the Land Raider Helios by putting the Whirlwind's rocket launcher on their Land Raiders. Orks of Grimgut using the low cunning sent force an infestation of Bomb Squigs and destroyed every vehicle attempted to press through city's streets. Then one of the Archmagos of Hive Manufactory 33 Delta Thule, from the ordnance foundry supplied missile launchers to Red Scorpions claimed that he received a vision from the Machine God himself. In this vision he have seen that if the rocket launcher would be fitting the Chapter's Land Raiders. they could able to mount the artillery support and would be immune themselves from the most concentrated efforts to overwhelm them, so soon the hive and all of Helios would be delivered. Red Scorpions agreed with him and started to make preparations. In the resulting battle the dozen converted Heluos pattern Land Raiders strike force deep into the Ork-held hive. As before, tides of Bomb Squigs erupted from the sewers to break against the vehicles. After the mighty explosions the Land Raiders stand charred black and spattered in Squig's blood but otherwise intact, while the Orkoid beasts obliterated itself to no effect whatsoever. Now the path to the infested ork's hive was open and the Grimgut was doomed.[2] For returning the planet and its resources to the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Helios pattern missile launcher was prioritized for the Chapter's use. Helios would be assaulted by the barbarous Greenskins on numerous subsequent occasions, and each time the Red Scorpions would answer its call for aid.[1] The Red Scorpions themselves disseminated the new pattern of Land Raider to small number of Chapters it has close relations with.[2]