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Valicar Hyne

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Valicar Hyne, known by his epithet the Graven, was a Space Marine of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion who later joined the nascent Black Legion.

Following the Horus Heresy, Valicar lead his warband to Gallium, a Dark Mechanicum forge world under the control of Ceraxia, becoming the Guardian of Gallium in the subsequent Legion Wars. With his forces and the heavy cruiser Thane at his command, Valicar enforced Gallium's neutrality among the disparate warbands of Chaos Space Marines that sought repair and resupply at Gallium. When Iskandar Khayon brought his warband to Gallium, Valicar escorted him to Governess Ceraxia, and later to the survivors of the Justaerin.[1a]

In the following years, Valicar would join the nascent Black Legion[1b], becoming the eighth of the Ezekarion and Master of the Fleet.[2]