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War Oath

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The War Oath was a Battle Barge, that was created by the Imperium before the coming of the Space Marine Legions and was given its name by the Emperor himself.

It later served as part of the Imperial Fists' warfleet during the Great Crusade, but was captured by the Iron Warriors in the Battle of Phall, as the Horus Heresy began. The Traitor Legion would then give the War Oath to the Sons of Horus and the Battle Barge served as Ezekyle Abaddon's command ship, during the Solar War.[1a] During the closing stages of the Solar War Abaddon sent the War Oath into a kamikaze attack on Luna's orbital defensive ring as he and his warriors teleported to the moons surface. The resulting impact blew a 20 kilometer long hole in Luna's orbital ring.[1b]

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