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Warsphere (Short Story)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Short Story; for the Kroot vessel, see Warsphere.
Cover art
Author Darius Hinks
Publisher Black Library
Series Blackstone Fortress (Novel Series)
Released February 2021


Ambitious drukhari archon Zhain has ventured far from the Dark City of Commorragh in search of a mighty prize. Guided by a band of savage kroot warriors led by the inscrutable Dahyak Grekh, Zhain and his cabal venture into the ruins of a kroot warsphere, an immense city-ship that holds many secrets, including the location of a weapon that could bring pain to the entire galaxy: a Blackstone Fortress. But Zhain is in Dahyak Grekh's domain now, and finding his goal may be a greater challenge than he anticipates…[1]