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Warsphere (Short Story)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Short Story; for the Kroot vessel, see Warsphere.
Author Darius Hinks
Publisher Black Library
Series Blackstone Fortress (Series)
Released February 2021
Collected in Only War: Stories from the 41st Millennium, Blackstone Fortress: The Omnibus

"Warsphere" is a short story written by Darius Hinks and published in 2021 by Black Library. It was collected in the anthology Only War: Stories from the 41st Millennium in 2022, and in Blackstone Fortress: The Omnibus in 2023.

Cover description

An ambitious drukhari archon[a] has ventured far from the Dark City of Commorragh in search of a mighty prize. Guided by a band of savage kroot warriors led by the inscrutable Dahyak Grekh, the archon and his cabal venture into the ruins of a kroot Warsphere, an immense city-ship that holds many secrets, including the location of a weapon that could bring pain to the entire galaxy: a Blackstone Fortress. But the drukhari are in Dahyak Grekh's domain now, and finding his goal may be a greater challenge than they anticipate…[1]


  • a: The description on the Black Library website refers to the archon as Zhain, but in the text of the story, the archon is an unnamed narrator, and Zhain is a member of his retinue.