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Word of Hermes

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The Word of Hermes was a Chaos starship commanded by the Sorcerer Lord Ignis.


The Word of Hermes was previously part of the fleet of the Brotherhood of Dust commanded by the exiled Sorcerer Lord of the Thousand Sons, Amon. The Word of Hermes later served under the command of Ahzek Ahriman after he had seized control of Amon's warband and fleet. Its commander, Ignis, was allowed to remain in command and would later become one of the most important and trusted members of Ahriman's inner cabal of sorcerers.[1][2][3x]

After the destruction of Ahriman's former flagship, the Sycorax during the assault above the moon of Apollonia, the Word of Hermes, the Pyromonarch, and the Soul Jackal were all selected by Ahriman as the fleet's new flagships.[2][3a][3b] He later explained his unorthodox decision to appoint three vessels, rather than a single one, by stating that his advisors were all equals and Ahriman did not favour one over any other. Thereafter, the three flagships rotated the duties of hosting a meeting of Ahriman and his cabal, or taking the lead in any assault by the fleet.[3a][3b]


The Word of Hermes shares similar physical characteristics with the Pyromonarch and the Soul Jackal: all three have cliff-shaped hulls stretching for kilometres from aft to stern, serrated weapons on their flanks and "cities" of towers and domes rising from the ship's spine. The unique features that distinguish the Word of Hermes is that the ship resembles a black spearhead, with the ship's guns stacked in layered tiers down the flanks of the ship, while also ascending across the curve of the ship's stern.[3b]

Notable Conflicts

  • The destruction of Vohal: The Word of Hermes was present when Ahriman's fleet decimated the surface of Vohal with orbital fire to lure Inquisitor Iobel there and prepare the ground for a later invasion.[2]
  • Return to Vohal: Ahriman returned to Vohal two years later, finding, as he expected, heavy resistance, including a large Inquisitorial fleet and a heavily fortified base, manned by Inquisitor Iobel and a force of Grey Knights. Ahriman's fleet engaged the Inquisition's, while Ahriman and a small, elite cabal of sorcerers teleported inside the base and captured Iobel, with the assistance of Rubric Marines that Ahriman had secretly buried beneath the base during his initial attack two years prior.[2]
  • Assault on Apollonia[2]