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The Xenarch are an isolationist warp-worshiping xenos species whose empire is believed to reside in the Galactic north.[1]


It is rumoured that they are able to generate biological electro-plasma and are known to have created devices of an unknown alloy known as Xenarch Conduction Spines designed to focus as well as generate energy directly from Xenarch biology.[1] Their electrical weapons became highly prized as they utilized charge cells and capacitators that were beyond the capabilities of the Adeptus Mechanicus to manufacture.[2] One of their most notable weapons is the Xenarch death-arc, a rifle-sized weapon that unleashes a series of arcing bolts of lightning.[3]

Little contact had been made between the Imperium and the shadowy Xenarch empire that is located in the Northern Rim.[2] In 989.M41, Helbrecht of the Black Templars Chapter was responsible for the final subjugation of the Xenarch in the Sigilare Nebula.[4]

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