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The Xenophon was a Hunter-class Destroyer serving in the fleet of the Scythes of the Emperor shortly before the destruction of Sotha. When Chapter Master Thorcyra ordered the general recall in the face of Hive Fleet Kraken, the Xenophon was engaged in the liberation of Egottha, but raced to answer the recall at the behest of Reclusiarch Hornindal.[1]

After the sudden and unexplained death of her Navigator, the Xenophon dropped out of the Warp and into a vanguard Tyranid fleet. In spite of the crew's best efforts to warn Sotha of the danger, the ship was destroyed after being boarded by Tyranid creatures carried in Ramsmiters which pierced the hull in several places.[1]

The ship was captained by Shipmaster Kaeron. His executive officer was the young Leviton Goss.[1]

The Xenophon's security teams were led by Serf-sergeant Milus Ogden. Among his men was an officer named Tyek.[1]