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Xit is an Ork World, situated in the Imperium's Ultima Segmentum. It is notable for being the last world contested by the Space Wolves during their 519th Crusade.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Xit Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Wheel of Fire
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Ork
Class: Ork World
Tithe Grade: N/A


A Human colony world long cut off from the Imperium due to the fierce warp storms which surround the subsector, Xit was home to a simple feudal society until the untoward arrival of an Ork space fleet that translated into the system by improbable accident. Unable to leave, the Orks made war upon the worlds of the Wheel of Fire. For over fifty years they ruled Xit, enslaving many of the population and forcing the others to hide in the forests, until the arrival of an Imperial Crusade chiefly made up of a large force of Space Wolves. Xit was the last world attacked by these Space Marines during their 5-year mission to pacify the system. It is not currently known whether or not Xit was completely cleansed of Ork infestation.[1]


Xit is both rocky and forested, as well as possessed of bodies of water. Mineral rich, it's soil is not particularly fertile, and so the Orks used it as a trade-hub. The central Ork concentration on the world was on the small continent codified as 'the Rock' by the Space Wolves. This island-continent sported the following landmarks: [1]

  • The Trembling Teeth — a small group of freestanding rocky outcrops in a volcanic area once used for human sacrifice. The Orks built geothermal generators upon several of the vents.[1]
  • Bulgo's Head — a lone mountain named after a particularly pointy-headed Ork.[1]
  • Temple Mountain — The chief mountain of the central range, this mountain holds a temple to a pantheon of human gods. A relic from the past, the temple also hold access to a powerful fusion reactor that the hereditary priests diligently maintained as part of their faith. Once the Orks arrived and killed everyone, they took over the use of the fusion grid to use as their main power source.[1]
  • The Pit — a large crevasse in an area of instability. The northern plain of the content is made of very brittle rock and is constantly cracking, piling up, collapsing and creating intense water geysers. An Ork outpost was built here, housing an energy turbine.[1]
  • Kulo's Castle — a rambling castle-like structure built from the remains of crashed Ork spacecraft, and protected by a massive power field generated by three separate substations. The residence of the chief Ork of the world, Kulo Kargash.[1]

Notable Events

  • The 519th Crusade's last battle was fought upon Xit, in the year 987.M41.[1]