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519th Crusade

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The 519th Crusade is the official designation for the mission undertaken by the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter to cleanse the Wheel of Fire of anti-Imperial elements. Taking place between the years 982 and 987.M41, it was the 519th declared crusade of the Space Wolves, and the primary enemies encountered were Orks.[1]


The subsector known as the Wheel of Fire, having been cut off from the Imperium for millennia due to warp storms, it was divined that a full 9 companies of the Space Wolves and a small armada be tasked with pacifying it. The crusade was hard-fought, with the Space Wolves taking heavy casualties. Still, their forces were able to scour the subsector within 5 years. One of the hardest of their campaigns was the final one, the elimination of the Ork stronghold upon the world of Xit.[1]


The Ork stronghold on Xit, commanded by an Ork known as Kulo Kugash, was protected by a formidable Kustom Force Field, which seemingly enveloped the entire complex, and was proof against all the weaponry available to the Space Wolves. In order to take the stronghold and make sure the Orks were entirely eliminated, the Space Wolves had to divide their forces and attack the weak points in the Ork system - the generating stations for the power field, which were located in three different locations. These stations were attacked in coordinated dawn raids, with the surviving Space Wolf forces then all meeting at the now-vulnerable Kugash's stronghold. Around 60 Space Wolves were deployed in the final strike on Xit, with their victory effectively bringing the 519th crusade to an end.[1]

Known Imperial Forces Involved[1]

Canon Conflicts

Being created during the 1st Edition of Warhammer 40,000, the 519th crusade contains elements that are slightly out of step with the background later created for the Space Wolves Chapter; this explains the presence of a Librarian rather than a Wolf Priest, the 5 Bullock Jet-Cycles used by Space Wolf scout elements and several uses of unusual-seeming names for characters and locations, from the modern perspective.