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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Galaxy map unknown.jpg
Name: Acralem[1] Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[1]
Sector: Vidar Sector[1]
System: Darkfall System[Needs Citation]

The planet Acralem is infamous for being the location of a daemonic incursion led by M'kar the Reborn in 799.M41, who had ambitions of destroying not only Acralem but the entire Vidar Sector.[1]

However, a force of Grey Knights from the Third Brotherhood, with aid from nine Imperial Guard Regiments and the Flesh Tearers and Astral Knights Chapters, fell upon the planet and laid about to bloody slaughter. If not for the Grey Knights, Acralem would have been doomed, as the tide was only turned once the Grey Knights struck at M'kar's warp-fortress where a then-Battle-Brother by the name of Kaldor Draigo struck the deathblow to the daemon lord himself, casting the incursion back to the warp. However, M'kar placed a curse on Draigo before being sucked from the material plane.[1]

Victory is yours this day mortal, but know that if ever you set foot upon this world again, you and all who follow you shall walk with damnation for ten millennia.
-M'kar the Reborn to Knight Draigo[1]

Years passed and Draigo became the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights. Two hundred years to the day, a distress beacon from Acralem was received bearing tidings of daemons. Draigo, knowing it was M'kar, traveled to the planet alone, where he revisited old battlefields awash with blood once more. At Castle Gorseth, Draigo purged daemons with psyflame, whilst at the Trebarin Valley he held the pass for two days against the daemon horde so as to facilitate the retreat of the Cadian 912th.[1]

Finally upon the crown of Shadow Peak, Draigo faced M'kar in front of the Warp rift granting his reserves of daemonic power. As the Imperial Guard held the hordes of daemons at bay, Draigo fought M'kar, blow for blow with silvered Nemesis Force Sword against daemonic warp steel. Filthy curses flowed against righteous psyflame, both to no avail. Draigo could not keep up with the daemon forever and was victim to a blow which snapped his blade in half. As M'kar bellowed before his victory strike, Draigo summoned his reserves and plunged his sword into M'kar's black heart, with which the daemon was undone and sucked back through its portal with its host. However, M'kar would have the last laugh, seizing Draigo and dragging him into the warp alongside him, where he has roamed ever since.[1]

In 999.M41, Draigo returned alone to Acralem to free it from the clutches of M'kar, hoping to end his Chapter's feud with the Daemon once and for all.[2]

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