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Agaitas was the Captain of the Second Company of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, active around the time of the Fall of Sotha.[1b]

During the Second Tyrannic War, Chapter Master Thorcyra led a detachment of the Scythes, including Captain Agaitas and the Second Company, in an expedition to the Saphir Cluster to combat the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken. The mission was unsuccessful, but the survivors, including Thorcyra and Agaitas, eventually made their way to the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System.[1a]

In the subsequent battle against the tyranids on Miral Prime, Agaitas was wounded beyond the point of recovery when the Second Company was ambushed by tyranids (including Bio-Titans) while carrying out a reconnaissance of the crashed hive ship Heloth in the jungles near the Giant's Coffin.[1c][2] He was administered the Emperor's Peace by an Apothecary.[2]

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