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Alepheo was an officer of the Blood Angels Space Marine Legion active during the Great Crusade.[1]


Early in his career, Alepheo spent some time serving alongside the XIII Legion. During this time, he had the opportunity to visit the XIII's homeworld of Macragge.[1]

Some time later, after the IX Legion had been reunited with their primarch, Sanguinius, and been renamed the Blood Angels, Alepheo had become commander of the Legion's Second Seraphic Host. At one point in the Crusade, however, while fighting against a terrible unnamed enemy on a noncompliant world, Sanguinius tasked Alepheo with a terrible burden - to don a silver death mask and serve as Dominion of the Legion's Destroyer Host.[1]

As with many of the Blood Angels, Alepheo made a point to pursue the arts while outside of battle. He became an accomplished painter - his personal paintbrush was made from one of the bones of his birth brother (who died whilst undergoing the trials to become a Legion aspirant himself) and he also made use of charcoal created from a tree that he had cut down on Macragge.[1]