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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngAryand
Name: Aryand Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Necrons (Formerly Imperium)
Class: Hive World[1], Tomb World

Aryand was a Human Hive World, now ruled by the Necrons.[1]

Formerly under the rule of the Imperium, in 829.M41 the world was invaded by Necrons of the Altymhor Dynasty under Overlord Vitokh. After a long and bloody siege, the planet's Governor surrendered the world to the Necrons, who have enslaved the planet since.[1]

The planet has since become the capital of the Nephrekh Dynasty after the mad Nephrekh Phaeron Sylphek awoke and drove out both the Altymhor and Humans alike.[4]

At some point after this it was assaulted by the Dark Angels Chapter. Chief Librarian Danatheum led a force of twenty Ravenwing marines, reinforced by elements of the Fourth Company, into its catacombs in an attempt to prevent the Nephrekh from awakening more of the Tomb Worlds in their domain. The Space Marines were unsuccessful, however, and were forced to retreat with several battle-brothers severely wounded or dead.[3a][3b]

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