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Nephrekh Dynasty

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Colour Scheme Information Symbol
Name: Nephrekh Dynasty
Phaeron: Sylphek
Capital: Aryand
Colours: Gold

The Nephrekh Dynasty are a Necron Dynasty.[1a] Its territory is located near the galactic core, centred on its former crownworld Aryand.


The Nephrekh dynasty is an extremely wealthy one, its worlds rich in the precious metals used to construct its legions. The location of the dynasty's territory close to the galactic core in Ultima Segmentum also grants it access to rich energy reserves, enhancing the strength of its armies.[2a] Their main objective is not to return to their forms of flesh and blood, but rather to transform into beings of pure light.[4]

The dynastic symbol of Nephrekh consists of three overlapping circles, reflecting the three stars orbited by Aryand, its crownworld.[2a][2b] However according to other sources Aryand is now under the control of the Altymhor Dynasty, who enslaved the Imperial settlers who had occupied it in the years of the Great Sleep.[1b]

Since the Great Rift's creation, the Nephrekh Dynasty has become involved in an ongoing war with several invading Thousand Sons Warbands from the Cult of Time. These Sons of Magnus hope to uncover the methods the Necron used to turn the C'tan into slaves.[3]

An infamous ability of the Nephrekh is the "Golden Form". Its high-ranking Necron Overlords can temporarily transform into beings of living light, which its basic Necron Warriors can activate traces of metagold within their bodies to shift and stutter across ground at frightening speed,[4] and even teleporting across open ground and even phasing through solid matter.[5] The secret to this process is highly classified, and not even the Nephrekh has been able to determine how to make the condition permanent.[4]

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