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The Atreides is a Strike Cruiser of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.[1]


The Atreides was present during the Fall of Sotha, joining the other surviving vessels of the Chapter's fleet in making an emergency evacuation to the Miral System.[2a] When the system was later invaded by the tyranid splinter fleet Miral Rex, the Atreides was initially stationed over Miral II, but moved to support the Battle Barge Honour's Might in orbit of Miral Prime.[2b]

In the subsequent void-battle, the Atreides was almost destroyed by the tyranid vessel Jaduli, but was saved by the Honour's Might. However, as a result, the Honour's Might was ambushed and destroyed by the Hive Ship Rocola. Atreides was forced to retreat, and its Shipmistress committed suicide in disgrace.[2b]

The Atreides later took part in a battle against the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken in the Brakur System, supporting an evacuation mission on Brakur IV. By this point, the vessel was commanded by Shipmistress Hannelore.[1]


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