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Baneblade (Novel)

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Author Guy Haley
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Guard
Preceded by Iron Guard
Followed by Straken
Released April 2013
Pages 415
Editions 2013
ISBN 9781849700764

Baneblade is a novel by Guy Haley, focusing on the crew of a Baneblade tank serving with the Imperial Guard. It was published in April 2013.

The novel was selected by Gav Thorpe in May 2014 as part of Black Library's "Author's Choice" marathon.[1]

Cover Description[1]

By the blessing of the Omnissiah was the Mars Triumphant born – from the forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the mighty Baneblade super-heavy battle tank comes to bring death and destruction to the foes of the Imperium. As part of the Paragonian 7th Company, Honoured Lieutenant Marken Cortein Lo Bannick commands the venerable war machine in a bitter war against the orks in the Kalidar system. As the campaign grinds on it begins to take its toll upon his crew, and old clan prejudices from the regiment's home world arise once more. In a war which cannot be won by force of arms alone, such division may prove to be their undoing.


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