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Battle of Agrion

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The Battle of Agrion was a campaign waged by Craftworld Iyanden led by Prince Yriel and Chaos renegades led by Argan Kallorax. After a long campaign of fighting an elusive enemy, Kallorax's forces finally came face-to-face with Yriel's fleet in the orbital dockyards over the world of Agrion. Here, 80 Iyanden ships battled double their number. In a fierce space battle, Kallorax was coming close to victory, but after his Hades Class Heavy Cruiser, Deathless Reaver, was destroyed by Yriel's flagship, the Flame of Asuryan, the space battle tipped in the Eldar's favor. However, once the Eldar boarded the Agrion shipyards, they found their Aspect Warriors taking heavy losses in the station's cramped corridors against Kallorax's Storm Bolter-equipped followers. Loathed to take any more losses, Yriel ordered a retreat and looses his Wraith-constructs guided by Spiritseers, who managed to use their terrifying strength and firepower to take the station. The failure of the battle caused a mutiny to break out among Kallorax's forces, an act that the Chaos Lord brutally put down.[1]