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Battle of Dhormet

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The Battle of Dhormet occurred sometime after the formation of the Great Rift.[1]


The war began when elements of the Blood Angels and Carmine Blades joined a Crusade to reclaim the Dhormet System from the Black Legion. While the Carmine Blades Reiver Squads were used in a vicious shadow war on Heddoth, the Death Company and Tallarn 44th Armored emerged victorious on Zhongal. However, a Black Legion counterattack on the Feudal World of Tydor threatened to see the Imperials overwhelmed.[1]

The situation on Tydor came when the Sanguinor arrived in the midst of Dante and Astorath fighting back-to-back. Led by this trio, the Blood Angels hurled back their attackers and drove them off the cliffs of felhaven.[1]